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How to make better, value-based decisions about your customers

Peter Hocknell & Tim Sefton

Valued customers lead to a more valued business – by investors, regulators and other stakeholders alike. So, how well do you know the actual value of your customers? This isn’t just a brainteaser. This is a serious challenge for businesses today that we see first-hand across a diversity of markets. Here are the five most common obstacles (dare we say excuses?) to reaching this level of data maturity, what is commonly behind each challenge and how you can shortcut them to gain a Customer Lifetime Value perspective – and in turn, avoid what we call the ‘infinite loop’ that so frustrates leaders trying to make value-based decisions on their customers.


If ‘Customer Experience’ is in your job title, it’s time to reconsider your branding

October 8, 2019 |

This will sound like an odd proposal to hear from me given that I was acknowledging #CXDay2019 only last week, and I’m judging later this week at the #CustomerExperienceAwards. These awards offer a great opportunity to learn from and celebrate the hard work that leaders have put into raising awareness of CX as a vital […]


There may be trouble ahead…

Peter Hocknell & Tim Sefton

80% of customer experience programmes fail. Considering that the concept of ‘customer experience’ has been around for quite some time this might seem surprising but, when you consider what this actually means – rearchitecting your business around your customer – perhaps not. In our many years of experience – both within organisations and as consultants – we believe that if you can set the programme up in the right way in the first 90 days your chances of longer term success are significantly. Here are the five obstacles that we believe most commonly need to be overcome in that critical three month period and our thoughts on how to achieve this.


Customer experience: The power to transform your organisation

August 14, 2019 | Peter Hocknell

‘Digital’ or ‘customer experience’ transformation is essentially customer centricity in disguise. When you strip it back to the bare bones of what these transformation programmes are designed to achieve, it almost always comes down to attracting and retaining your customers for longer. Even when it’s about productivity or operational efficiency, agility or scalability – it’s really about freeing up the time and resources you need to create better customer relationships.


Brave new worlds

Peter Hocknell, George Rodwell and Tim Sefton

The term Artificial Intelligence (AI) is surrounded by a haze of buzz words and hype, making it hard to pin down for business leaders. It can be even harder to understand how best to remain customer-centric – to keep the ‘human touch’ so to speak – while adapting to the seismic technological changes that AI is signposting.


Mission incomplete?

October 1, 2018 | Peter Hocknell

As a self-confessed Amazon Prime ‘junkie’, I’m watching the accelerated rollout of Amazon’s Prime Day event from the US to other regions globally with excitement. But also with a nagging question about whether this is a missed opportunity?


Who’s the most Janus-faced?

May 1, 2018 | Peter Hocknell

This recent interview with Apple boss, Tim Cook, in the The Times sheds light on an escalating tension in Silicon Valley that’s relevant to any aspiring customer-centric leader.


Get a perspective: where best to focus in your customers’ experience?

March 2, 2018 | Peter Hocknell

It might feel inconvenient for many organisations to hear that, if they want to become more successful brands, they should focus on the users of their products and services – not the actual buyers.


Something very different…

February 16, 2018 | Peter Hocknell

Wonderful to see – amongst the Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Sky, Virgin, Vodafone etc of this world – one business picking up a host of awards last week.


Marketing + Insight = a sufficient customer-centric partnership?

August 17, 2017 | Peter Hocknell

Knowing your customers is the best starting point for a business looking to grow. This is sound if not new advice. So why does this recent article in Marketing Week concern us at Outwith?