Our approach

Why work

There are three stages to our approach: Know, Connect and Grow. At each stage, success depends on engaged leaders and compelling stories.

know connect grow

Know: Insight + Vision

Connect: Design + Build

How will you make it happen? Is this rewiring your existing business model or building a new one? What are the priorities to start with?

When plans for customer-centric growth do work, it is because the whole business is connected and aligned behind them. We ensure that all parts of a business understand the context for change, and their role in designing and building it.

Examples of what we do:

  • Design concepts
  • Blueprint future experiences
  • Roadmap priorities
  • Select the best change platform
  • Mobilise governance
  • Gain sponsor + stakeholder approvals
  • Rapid/ iterative testing to deliver proof points
  • Legacy business migration
  • New business model creation

Grow: Support + Sustain

With the business changing rapidly, how do you stay true to your intent? How do you mitigate the on-going risks? How do you scale your success?

We help clients embed long-term growth capabilities in two ways:

Direct (interim roles)

As a point of principle, we encourage our clients to build or borrow capability in-house, to help leverage existing insights and retain knowledge transferred. Where that is not possible internally, we can help.

When momentum slows, programme creep sinks in or targets get missed, an outsider’s perspective can be just what an organisation needs. Leading a mission-critical phase of customer-centric change is no exception. Outwith’s experienced interims instinctively know how to address the challenges your business is likely to be facing, or to help deliver the project you need.

Indirect (retained support)

Customer-centric leaders have an exciting mandate to transform. There are few others within an organisation with the power to do that. In our experience, having that mandate and being able to act on it are very different things. It requires clarity on the obstacles that now stand in your way – along with having the right team, the right strategy and the ability to gain the trust and support of your top executives.

Outwith acts as coach and mentor, giving leaders the tools and thought leadership that they need to transform. We are trusted advisors to senior leaders in some of the world’s best-known companies.

Leadership and storytelling

In all three stages of our approach, success depends on engaged leaders and compelling stories:


Success depends on leaders making a hero of the customer at board level. We help leaders to become role-models for change, setting them specific tasks, and using our own experience to guide them away from pitfalls.

We also help leaders think growth ‘system’ (not just strategy). In an effective system, its component parts and interrelated steps work together such that “the whole is greater that then sum of its parts”. Or to put it another way – it only works when it all works. By focusing on what’s critical, our approach has been proven to produce highly engaged employees, humble and passionate leaders and a learning environment of constant improvement.

Examples of what we do

  • Coach leadership behaviours
  • Mobilise new teams and identify capability requirements
  • Peer-to-peer knowledge transfer


The culture of a business is the sum of the way things are done and the stories it tells about the experience. A business-in-transformation needs a stock of customer-centric stories. We work with internal teams to articulate them, and to instil a storytelling culture.

Examples of what we do

  • Share inspirational brand stories (in- and out-of-sector)
  • Engage employees through/ as part of change activity
  • Roadmap internal communications