The challenge

Why work

How easy it to envision your future business model, and align your leadership around a single strategy? How easy is it to purposefully translate this into your operating model and ways of working? How easy is it to exploit the new growth opportunities? And to continuously design and adapt the customer experience such that it maximises the value you will need to create for (and capture from) your customers?

For many leaders, the answer is that it’s tough: the stress, time and effort in surviving (never mind thriving) is relentless.

We see too many businesses that try and fail to grow because of a disconnection between their customer-centric aspirations and reality. Their vision, purpose and promises put the customer on a pedestal, but the way they are organised and the way they operate put these high ideals beyond their reach.

Intent Activity KPIs

All this damages businesses’ relationships with customers and their internal teams. The experiences they deliver become clunky and disjointed. Their value becomes hard to discern in their customers’ eyes. Their people become fatigued by the failure to transform around ‘the customer’. They are vulnerable to disruption not just from competitors – but from partners, regulators, investors and other stakeholders.

These are serious problems in business. We have a track record of solving them.

How we help

To place customer value at the core of your business means rearchitecting your organisation.

By methodically closing the gap between aspiration and day-to-day reality, we help businesses to realise their ambitions and deliver growth. We succeed in creating lasting and profitable change because we have been there and done it: our practice is as good as our theory. We have helped a diversity of businesses globally – via existing and new business models.

This is all we do. We only offer solutions we believe in. We don’t try to be experts in everything. We built this approach by distilling the best of what we have learnt. This includes practical lessons from large corporates and early stage development organisations. But also learning from less obvious disciplines – sports science, emergency healthcare, aviation and teaching to name a few. By going beyond traditional business practices, this multi-disciplinary perspective helps us continue to test and refine what works best for today’s leaders.

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